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  • Sunshine Coast Weight Loss

    A Weight offYour mind

    "It’s a surgical procedure that gives physical restriction to your stomach and also works on your nerves and gut hormones, sending messages to our brain to decrease hunger & appetite"

  • Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss

    Gastric Band Weight loss can help you look forward to a healthier future

  • Gastric Sleeve

    Gastric Sleeve Improve your family and work relationships

  • Gastric Reflux Surgery

    Reflux Surgery Say no To Acid Reflux

  • Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre

    Other Surgeries Better quality of life, contentment, and well-being

  • Hernia Repair

    Hernia Surgery Get relief from the pain

  • Endoscopy

    Endoscopy Specialised diagnostic & therapeutic procedure

“The team at the Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre offers experienced, professional surgical solutions for losing weight”

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Patient Journey

We believe that weight loss surgery is about creating a better, healthier you. A laparoscopic band or sleeve is a procedure that gives you a powerful tool to gain control over your weight. It’s a physical and medical restriction to your stomach that also works on your nerves and gut hormones, sending your brain signals to decrease your hunger and reduce your appetite.

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