is to combine expertise in surgery with personalised team care for a better, healthier life.


is to provide the highest quality of care with compassion, respect and expertise for patients who deal with obesity.


is to enhance our patient’s quality of life and to encourage a positive mindset and improved lifestyle to become the best version of themselves.


As most of you are aware restrictions are slowly being lifted and things are starting to move in the right direction for us.

The QLD Government have started allowing elective surgery for category 1 – 3 cases on a case by case basis with each hospital.

Unfortunetly, that does not mean we have been given the all clear to go ahead with all surgeries.

What does that mean?

Dr Baxter and his team are working with the Buderim Private Hospital to prioritise cases based on the medical criteria as stipulated by the QLD gov.

We are trying our best to keep everyone informed and supported during this time and apprecate how understanding all of our patients have been.

We will be calling each patient on a case by case basis to touch base and keep them informed. In the mean time, please feel free to call the rooms if you have any questions.

Thank you again for your understanding. We hope you are staying healthy and safe.


Saturday 8th August, 2020 from 9.30am at Buderim Private Hospital

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