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The What, why and how of the VLED ...

baxteradmin | 20.06.04

Formulite Shake

Pre-surgery WEIGHT LOSS MANAGEMENT THE WHAT, WHY AND HOW OF THE VLED PRE SURGERY DIET BY SALLY-ANNE LiVOCK Bariatric Dietitan Image of Formulite VLED shakes It’s common practice to use a very low energy diet (VLED) in preparation for bariatric surgery. WHAT is a VLED? A VLED is a diet that provides a reduced energy […]


What’s new in Weight Loss Surger...

baxteradmin | 19.11.08

What’s new in Weight Loss surgery? By Dr Ian Baxter WEIGHT LOSS MANAGEMENT People have explored and have tried many different options of weight loss. In short there are a growing number of products that have been marketed for weight loss, the Orbera Balloon, the Endosleeve and the EndoBarrier and some newer procedures that have been […]


Pre and post-operative shakes – ...

baxteradmin | 19.07.26

Pre and post-operative shakes Formulite vs Optifast  WEIGHT LOSS MANAGEMENT As part of your weight loss journey Dr Baxter and our highly trained team of dietitians will recommend that you go on a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) in preparation for your surgery. In addition, many patients are recommended to continue to use the shakes […]


5 Minutes with Dr Baxter

baxteradmin | 19.07.22

5 Minutes with Dr Baxter WEIGHT LOSS MANAGEMENT Q:   How did you get to become a surgeon on the Sunshine Coast? A:   I was educated in Brisbane and commenced medicine at the University of Queensland in 1980. After graduating I worked at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and always had a passion to become a surgeon […]



baxteradmin | 19.07.11

Weight Loss Surgery WEIGHT LOSS MANAGEMENT #iamabariatricpatient Bariatric surgery has a wide spread perception by many of being “The easy way out”. This could not be more incorrect. Bariatric surgery is an irreversible lifelong decision, affecting the patient immensely both pre and post-surgery. There is nothing “easy” about having this operation and we want to […]


What is the potential cost of not ...

baxteradmin | 19.06.12

What is the potential cost of not having WLS? WEIGHT LOSS MANAGEMENT Weight Loss Surgery procedures do come with a large price tag and for a lot of patients the figure can be very discouraging. Something that is not as obvious to most, is what the potential cost of not having the surgery could be. […]