Hair loss after bariatric surgery


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Blog - Hair loss after bariatric surgery

What is hair loss called?

Telogen Effluvium which is an acceleration of normal hair loss


What causes hair loss?

  • Bariatric Surgery

  • Rapid weight loss

  • Nutritional deficiency

  • Medical conditions e.g. thyroid (hype + hypo thyroids)


How can I reduce the amount of hair I lose?

  • Not losing weight too quickly and ensuring adequate nutrition by:

  • Ensuring you get in adequate protein

  • Taking your post bariatric vitamins recommended and dose that has been suggested for you

  • Eat a variety of healthy nutrient rich foods daily

  • Essential to attend blood tests and reviews to monitor your nutritional status


Will I lose all my hair?



Is hair loss a life- long issue?

Hair loss post Bariatric surgery usually occurs between 3 – 6 months and can last 6 – 12 months.

Hair loss that occurs 6 months post-surgery or continues for longer than 6 months is usually due to nutritional causes.