Why is Dietetics so Important to Your WL Journey

Weight Loss Surgery is about creating a healthier you. The surgery gives you a powerful tool to gain control over your weight and ongoing support and education to achieve optimal results and good long term outcomes.

01. Assessment

Upon contacting us, we will arrange an appointment to see our Bariatric Co-Ordinator for a pre-assessment and to provide you with education around the pre surgery process. At this initial consultation, time is spent exploring your medical history. Feel free to bring along your support persons/s and we are all well equipped to answer all your questions.
You will next have a consultation with Dr Ian Baxter (link to Bio) who will discuss with you in detail your surgical options. He will also assess your suitability for surgery. As part of this medical evaluation, you will be provided with pathology & radiology referrals.
You will then be required to see our multidisciplinary team (Dietitian and Psychologist).

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02. Preparation

An assessment with a Dietitian (Kishani Turner or Sally Livock (Link to Bios)) focuses on providing you with the resources and education required for successful eating patterns & optimal long term outcomes. Additionally, an appointment with a psychologist (Julie Bennett or Debbie Lucas link to Bios) allows discussion of common behavioural or psychological issues when considering weight loss surgery.
As a team we determine your best surgical option, whether Gastric Banding, Sleeve Gastrectomy or Omega Loop Mini Bypass (link to all procedures) Dr Baxter will discuss the surgery with you in detail, including how it is done, how the procedure works, what can be achieved, as well as possible complications. It is important to us that you have all the relevant information you need when making the decision to have bariatric surgery.

Once you are ready and suitable for surgery, we will then book your date for surgery. Your care is co-ordinated by our Bariatric Co-Ordinator who provide education and help you prepare for your “Weight Loss Journey”.

Metabolic surgery is a major surgery. It is important to understand the obesity surgery risks and potential benefits and to closely follow the team’s guidelines. To mentally prepare yourself we will help you understand the surgical process and what to expect afterwards your surgery.

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03 Your Surgery & Hospital Stay

Most patients stay in the hospital approximately two-three nights following surgery. You will be visited by Dr Baxter and a Dietitian in hospital and you will be able to go home when you are able to:

  1. Demonstrate that you can take liquid & nutrients by mouth.
  2. Have no fever.
  3. Have adequate pain control with oral medication.

04. Life Post Surgery

You will require ongoing support and follow up post operatively. Our team are here to support you through this process and answer any follow up questions you may have.

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